About Art Lounge Manila

Art Lounge Manila is a contemporary art space that aims to present art in a museum-like venue, giving the experience of learning from a visit to the museum, the entertainment from watching a live performance, and just interacting with art and culture in a more accessible and less intimidating space, even those who may not even necessarily be drawn to the idea of going to an art gallery, yet would enjoy being immersed in art and creativity nonetheless. Being part of the Galerie Francesca group of galleries, Art Lounge Manila has its roots deeply embedded in the south with its first branch at Festival Mall in Alabang to open 18 years ago. Although Art Lounge Manila in The Podium was the first to open, we consider Art Lounge Manila in Molito as the flagship location of the Art Lounge Manila galleries; and fittingly enough, it is also based here in the south of Metro Manila. Our collectors and clients may come from far and wide, but they still see the South to be our home and where the roots of our galleries really are. We are proud to be part of a group of galleries that were the first ones to open up a space in the south. You can expect more exciting exhibitions and collaborations at Art Lounge Manila.