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no ordinary BOUTIQUE mall

With every season comes new challenges, new ideas, new opportunities to adapt. Molito Commercial Center is no ordinary strip mall simply because it is eager to adapt alongside its customers for serving their needs, in both the culinary and lifestyle aspect, is top priority. Molito enthusiastically caters to the specific and special needs of its patrons, changing when they do, adapting to their requirements, appealing to their lifestyles. And every time a change is made, whether it’s as soft as a whisper or as loud as a drum beat, Molito remains elegant, luxurious, and endless, positively, fun.

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Molito Leasing Department : (+632)808-6405

Email : shiela.cervan@molito.com.ph

Molito Admin Office : (+632)856-1693 / +63917-894-4554

For individual tenant concerns, please contact our vendors directly. Check out their microsites at Find Store for full information.

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