Witness Philippine History through Jessie Lichauco’s eyes in this heartfelt documentary of a century long journey of humankind, of love and finding home, after the cruelty of war and deprivations of a hostile occupation, and the rebuilding of a nation while living a life that restores our faith in the power of our humanity.

Appreciate our independence at Molito Lifestyle Center on June 17 and join us for a special screening (6PM and 8PM) of the award-winning documentary film by Tamed Rose Productions, Inc., Curiosity, Adventure & Love.

Featuring live performances of Lee Grane & Quest. Event starts at 5PM.

Visit for film details.

Southern Soul: A Concert in the Park

You gotta admit: the South has Soul. We have community, we have family, we have fresh air, we have open space, and we have heart. All of that comes together this April 22 at Southern Soul, a mini-festival representing the best of Alabang: seven musical acts featuring soul, samba, and R&B with everything from percussion to beats, with good food and drink. Bring your banig, your lawn cloth or your sarong, and chill Molito-style in the garden while you get serenaded by these amazing musicians. Look forward to the beats of Lustbass and Parallel Uno, the drums of Imperatriz Filipinense and the Hernandez Brothers, the distinct musicality of August Wahh and the HBros Quartet, and top it all off with the sultry siren sound of Soul Queen Kat Agarrado.

To elevate chilling to an art form, it’s not enough to have the place and the peeps—you gotta have the product as well. That’s where the Southern Soul food bazaar comes in. Quench your thirst with Schweiger beer, the official beer sponsor of Southern Soul—a clean, refreshing, artisanal beer from Germany that’s perfect with some of those Italian bites from Buona Vita or some conscious farm-to-table goodness from Soil. Grab some fruity sangrias from the Un Cuenca tent, or some halo-halo from the Recovery Food booth, or even iced coffee from Degz—all will provide a refreshing and delicious complement to the cool sounds. For a swift jolt of health, head on over to the Real Food tent and taste Starr’s Brew kombucha—good for the heart and the soul—and have your tarot done at the same time. Grab some Greek appetizers from the 25 Mushrooms tent, and proceed to the Flawless tent to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays—and play some virtual reality games at the same time!

It’s all going down, South-style, this April 22. The experience is gonna be chill, fun, and original—so bring your crew, bring your good vibes, and get ready for something truly special.

Easter Kiddie Fun Land

Visit Molito Lifestyle Center on April 16 and celebrate the best Easter Sunday ever! Join the Easter Egg Hunt and redeem special prizes and treats! Try out our activities and entertainment on this special day, too: Zumba for kids, magic and puppet show, costume contest, Easter bunny meet and greet, and many more! Events starts at 2PM. Purchase your tickets NOW. Ask us how

Ash Wednesday

In partnership with St. Jerome Emiliani & Sta. Susana Parish, Molito Lifestyle Center invites the community as we open the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Mass starts at 11AM at Molito Lifestyle Open Area.

Habitat Crossfit's Southern Showdown

Organized by Molito Lifestyle Center's new tenant, Habitat Crossfit, Southern Showdown is a fun, functional fitness competition featuring Molito Lifestyle Center's very own tenants. This activity aims to celebrate the vibrant and diverse community we now enjoy in the heart of the south. Find your fitspiration as they accomplish fitness tasks to be the very first Southern Showdown winner.

Doodling Workshop

Doodling or spontaneous act of drawing, can be associated with creativity and generating ideas. Simple art as it may seem, with only a paper and a colored pen for materials, this activity may actually give you that much needed concentration boost. Add up doodling 101 in your summer bucket list! Join us on March 5 at Molito 3 Activity Area, 2nd floor, 4PM. Registration is for FREE!

Paper Quilling Workshop

More popularly known as coiling, different shapes and designs can be made using this art. Attention to detail and patience are important in creating such beautiful pieces. It can easily be learned and materials are readily available at home. The best part? You can learn the basics of paper quilling! Just visit Molito 3 on March 12 for a FREE workshop.

Le Heim Musica Center's Summer Camp Launch

This summer, Molito Lifestyle Center together with Le Heim Musica Center, will launch the Molito Summer Camp year 1. The event will showcase the workshops that we will be offering for the whole summer season: Modelling, dancing, singing, and even theater arts! See us on March 18 and find out how to avail a FREE trial of our available talent classes. See you!

"Dance. Serve. Connect." Zumba Event

In support to the projects of Rotary Club of Cosmopolitan Las Pinas, DANCE.CONNECT.SERVE. is a unique, substantial, educational, empowering and truthful series of events disguised as a fun and exciting gathering of dance and fitness enthusiasts. For those who are interested to join, please e-mail

Earth Hour LED Show

In celebrating the Earth Hour, join us at the Open Area for some LED light show as we turn off the lights at exactly 8:30PM!

A night to Remember / La Fiesta Espanola

This February, Molito Alabang celebrates passion and romance through two back-to-back events designed to remind us all of the spirit of the month. On February 14, wine and dine your loved ones under the stars and be entertained by classic romantic notions of an innocent time gone by, as Audrey Hepburn takes you on a Roman Holiday and Charlie Chaplin shows you the melancholic sweetness of City Lights and the Circus. The Alingawngaws will score the silent movies live through spontaneous on-the-spot jazz. On the 18th and 19th of February, celebrate passion and the love for life with the Spanish as Molito, in cooperation with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, brings you Fiesta Espanola: a weekend full of good eats (and a paella cooking showdown!), a flamenco showcase, a bazaar full of good and fantastic finds, and Spanish movies for the entire family to enjoy. Admission is free for all events! Hope to see you there!

Lettering Workshop

What's a better way to say "I Love You?" Say it with style. Learn how to do calligraphy and fancy lettering with your friends and loved ones at Molito 3 Activity Area at 4PM! Registration is FREE. #MolitoLifestyleCenter #LoveYourLifestyle #MolitoValentines2017 #MolitoDoWhatYouLove #events #FamilyDay #entertainment #fworkshop #love #activity #calligraphy #lettering
Free activity, first come first serve basis. We highly recommend this activity to ages 15 and above. Kids may also join but must be accompanied by adults.

Valentine Card Making

Classic is always beautiful. This goes too with expression of love. Join us as we create handmade Valentine Cards as our labor of love for our family, friends and special someone. See you on February 12, 4PM, at Molito 3 Activity Area. #MolitoLifestyleCenter #LoveYourLifestyle #MolitoValentines2017 #MolitoDoWhatYouLove #events #FamilyDay #entertainment #fworkshop #love #activity #valentinecard #laboroflove

Heart Mosaic Workshop

Life is colorful when you're in love and sometimes it's hard to explain how happy you are when you are with those people who make everyday worthwhile. Let us help you express that lovin' feelin' with our Heart Mosaic Workshop on February 19, 4PM, at Molito 3 Activity Area, 2nd Floor. Registration is FREE! #MolitoLifestyleCenter #LoveYourLifestyle #MolitoValentines2017 #MolitoDoWhatYouLove #events #FamilyDay #entertainment #fworkshop #love #activity #sweets #cupcakedesign #laboroflove

Valentine Cupcake Design

We just love sweets don't we? We just can't get enough of sweets that it is important to give them as a Valentine's treat to your loved one. To make your gift more special, we will give you a FREE Cupcake design Workshop at Molito 3 Activity Area on February 26 at 4PM. See you this Happy Hearts Month! #MolitoLifestyleCenter #LoveYourLifestyle #MolitoValentines2017 #MolitoDoWhatYouLove #events #FamilyDay #entertainment #fworkshop #love #activity #mosaic #heart #laboroflove

2017 Year of the Rooster

Molito Lifestyle Center is ready to celebrate Chinese New Year 2017! We have prepared delightful activities for the month of January for the whole family! Check out our schedule of events and join us in welcoming the Year of the Fire Rooster . Have a prosperous 2017, everyone!

Rooster Display Print Workshop

2017 is Year of the Red Fire Rooster, and Molito 3 prepared a fun workshop for the family and kids! Join us this January 15 at Molito 3 Activity Area, 2nd Floor and let's make a cute Rooster craft at 4PM! Registration is FREE.

Chinese Name Calligrapher

Have you ever wondered what your Chinese name is? Or how will you write it in Chinese characters? Well, we can help you with that! Visit us on January 22 starting 4PM at Molito 3 Activity Area, 2nd Floor and have your name written in Chinese calligraphy, for FREE!

Chinese Prosperity Tree Display

See our Prosperity Tree at Molito Lifestyle Open Area together with 2017 predictions of Chinese Animal Signs for the Year of Fire Rooster. Learn your luck in love, career, finance and health to guide your way to success this 2017.

Shaolin and Wushu Martial Arts Demonstration

Witness a demonstration of Chinese contemporary Martial Arts as a group of skilled Wushu practitioners showcase different techniques of this discipline at Molito Lifestyle Center Open Area on January 14.
Also called as Shaolin Kung Fu, it is known to be the oldest institutionalized style of martial arts practiced in Shaolin Temple to train soldier monks. See this demonstration at Molito Lifestyle Center Open Area on January 21.

Dragon & Lion Dance + Chinese Traditional Dances

As we complete the Chinese New Year Celebration, an entertaining Dragon & Lion Dance performance and a spectacle of Chinese Traditional Dances will take place at Molito Lifestyle Center Open Area and Molito 3 on January 28 for a prosperous welcome to the Year of the Fire Rooster!

Psychic Fair

Say hello to the Year of the Red Fire Rooster with our Psychic Fair at Molito 3 Activity Area featuring Life Changing Psychic Reading with Counselling, Fortune Telling, Tarot Card Reading and Life Energy Healing. Know your fortune and stay positive the whole year round.

The Book Stop comes to Molito!

The Book Stop is open to all. It operates in a spirit of honesty and integrity, so to get a book, bring a book for exchange. And come any time; the Book Stop is always open! See you there!People used to say, children ought to be seen and not heard. At Molito, this saying couldn’t be further from the truth—as the youth of Alabang cluster around a pop-up library, filled with books ranging from self-help to business theory to young adult fiction to classic literature. They take to the microphone and they orate, with wisdom and talent and panache beyond their years. Passersby are left inspired and impressed by today’s youth—far from being the iPad generation, they are actually well-informed, sensitive, and quite clever. Molito Alabang encourages this sort of thing—the expression of the youth through spoken word and poetry. There is no better hub for this kind of activity than the Book Stop, the advocacy of WTA Architects in coordination with Instituto Cervantes. Its official launch on September 24 made its presence in the community known, as a place to go to sit, enjoy yourself, relax, meet other like-minded people, and discover what today’s youth is thinking and what is important to them. It’s frankly quite wonderful to watch them in their element—tomorrow’s leaders are brilliant, creative, and really quite sweet. The Book Stop itself will be in Molito until January 2017. Many activities like the spoken word initiative of September 24, or Hope Speaks: A Spoken Word Mini-Concert for Suicide Prevention, will grace the Book Stop over the next few months, so stay tuned to the Molito Facebook and Instagram sites to get up-to-date information on their activities. All sorts of fun like poetry readings, pop-up cinemas, storytelling, and book drives can be expected. And during the days when no activity is happening, pass by anyway, and browse the books on display. Speak to Té, the librarian; she’s a lovely young lady with great insight and a joyful disposition. Bring a book to exchange. The Book Stop is always open; it functions on a basis of honesty and integrity, trusting that people would rather leave a little bit of themselves behind so they can share that much more love with the world. The Book Stop is located at the pocket garden beside Omakase. It will be at Molito until January 2017.

Molito Sunset Specials Friday 5-8pm

Sunset Specials:
Next time you're at Molito, keep your eye out for this poster on the doors of selected Molito Lifestyle establishments. When you see it, go on in, and ask what they've got in store for you. Then grab a seat, enjoy your Sunset Special, and keep an eye out for Mother Nature's drama. If you're lucky, she'll represent. Every Monday to Friday from 5-8pm.

Sunset Saturday Yoga Sessions 5-6pm

Everyone's favorite southside yoga studio, Beyond Alabang, comes to you every Saturday at the Molito Lifestyle Extension area. Align your chi with the setting of the sun and the cool suburban breeze. After all, what's Alabang about, but the fresh air and the scenery? All classes are for free. Follow Beyond Alabang on Instagram for full schedules.

The Heat is On!

Can you feel that summer sizzle? It’s so hot out—summer must be here! Yesteryear, kids would be looking forward to their holidays, adults would be looking forward to their vacation leave, and everyone would be looking forward to some rest & relaxation. Nowadays though, the rising temperatures give us a little bit of anxiety as we battle through climate change. Nevertheless, there are a dozen ways to beat the heat—and a cold, calming drink is a great immediate solution.
Who doesn’t love a nice, tall, and comforting milk tea? The cold versions are soothing and incredibly tasty—plus they come in all sorts of different flavors—so every experience turns into a virtual exploration of the milk tea world. You get something new with every encounter, while still savoring that comforting and familiar feeling of a delicious, fun, and cool milk tea.

For most people, the heat is particularly difficult to battle after a nice full lunch—because that’s when it gets hard to keep your eyelids open! Did you know that Kombucha has all sorts of health benefits that include helping you digest your food? The drink, which is best served chilled, is a probiotic and a tea—that means it keeps you awake, fights candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, improves mental clarity, and stabilizes your mood. Nowadays Kombucha comes in a variety of different flavors, making it not just a boring health drink, but something delicious to pair with a quick snack.

When happy hour rolls around, chances are the sun is about to disappear for the day, making temperatures a little more bearable—but summer is still scorching no matter what time it is! What better way to indulge yourself than fresh and fruity sangria? The drink is mild and light, making it the perfect summertime happy hour beverage, and a great companion to a plate of chubby white Gambas al Ajillo! That would make us pretty happy at the end of our hour.

What about you? What are your go-to drinks to cool down the hot summer temperatures?


With every season comes new challenges, new ideas, new opportunities to adapt. Molito Commercial Center is no ordinary strip mall simply because it is eager to adapt alongside its customers for serving their needs, in both the culinary and lifestyle aspect, is top priority. Molito enthusiastically caters to the specific and special needs of its patrons, changing when they do, adapting to their requirements, appealing to their lifestyles. And every time a change is made, whether it’s as soft as a whisper or as loud as a drum beat, Molito remains elegant, luxurious, and endless, positively, fun.

A Farewell to Books

For four months, the little garden beside Omakase was the tiny hubbub of the literary, the educated, the curious, and the poetic. The Book Stop, the corporate social responsibility project of WTA Architects, touched the lives of the Southerners through its quiet little advocacy. The humble—but beautifully constructed—little book shop encouraged people to sit inside and relax, to bring their Starbucks coffee and browse through the book selections; to donate books and to take books without charge; to listen to live poetry and participate in open mic nights; to watch movies and sing along with the band; to express yourself and appreciate the expression and passion of others; and, perhaps most touching of all, to consider the less fortunate.
Bring a Book, Get a Book The Book Stop’s premise was that all of the books inside were for free. The little structure didn’t have any doors or gates; it was open to the public 24/7, and encouraged all and sundry to come on in and take shelter from the sun, to be alone with a book, to find your books a new home, or to just sit and enjoy the company of the whispers in the pages of each book that lived in the Book Stop. All sorts of books were available, either pre-existing care of the charming and friendly librarian, “Te” Ng, or donated by Southerners. Every once in a while Te would find heaps of books lying on the seats or floors of the Book Stop, donations from people who were interested in finding their books new “friends” and owners—and even though the generous givers could have taken books away in exchange, somehow the Book Stop became a conduit for generosity and would occasionally overflow with the literary word. The little place brought out the best in people.
Fun In Learning The Book Stop threw a bundle of events that quickly turned it into a favorite among the young and young at heart. Every little event had a literary aspect to it—to coincide with the Book Stop’s support of literacy. The children of Almanza Elementary found a home in the Book Stop, where they would gather on select Sunday mornings to read to one another and be read to by a narrator. This continued on to last Christmas, when voice actors and theater actors gathered to regale kids of the wonder of Christmastime—including a beautiful rendition of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas by celebrated stage personality, Jamie Wilson. The Book Stop even sponsored a graphic novel signing with a few local authors—proof that local talent is on the rise and that Filipinos are just as gifted as our Western counterparts! The Alingawngaws, a young jazz band, cut their teeth at the Book Stop as well, through the showing of the classic Filipino film, Kidlat Tahimik, which the band scored live and on-the-spot in a spontaneous and beautiful performance.
Seen and Heard The Book Stop was also responsible for giving the youth a voice. In this day of social media, watching the youth go offline to brave the scrutiny of a live audience was nothing short of inspiring. Many young people took to the microphone to sing, to beat box, or to recite their own poetry, in both fluent English and lyrical Tagalog. The atmosphere was supportive and encouraging; the audience cried along with the heartbreak, growled along with the anger of rejection, laughed along with the ironic pains of millennial life, and smiled along with the butterflies-in-your-stomach craziness of young love. The Book Stop proved that the future is bright with support, encouragement, and—to quote their generation—good vibes.
Anon Every once in a while, Te would find random notes in the Book Stop—little love letters left behind by fans and supporters of the Book Stop—inserted into the pages of a book, stuck in the nooks and crannies of a bench, scribbled hurriedly on the black boards inside the library. One left such a big impact she was moved to share the note with us: “For all who are curious…This is the place where I go when I am sad and feel like you’re not one of them. For people who feel they do not belong.” Books do not judge, they do not exclude; for literature, and indeed, the Book Stop itself, you are accepted, you belong, and you need never be sad. The advocacy of the Book Stop may have been to promote literacy, but it appears they are promoting so much more than love of books; they promote things like camaraderie, generosity, and tolerance of others.

Spankin’ Brand New

Do you feel it? Can you hear it? Can you taste it? Molito is changing, and the change is tangible.
It’s not just the ambient jazzy chill music, or the gentle nip in the air, or the perfectly manicured grass, or the fun activities like Pororo the Penguin and workshops at Molito 3 and Chinese New Year dragon dances. It probably has something to do with the good vibes that spread through the air in Molito. How you go from one end to another, from Draft to Omakase, and chances are you’ll bump into someone you know. How it’s just so hard to leave Molito because there’s always something going on and people to say hi to and stuff to eat. Molito is in flux. That’s how Molito is. It’s always changing and growing and morphing, because it’s so interested in what its customers have to say. And they said they wanted more places to eat and drink and hang out. So Molito said yes.
Introducing the Lifestyle Extension—the New Block on the…well, block. Fronted by Parmigiano, the fantastic Italian restaurant where pasta is flambéed for your pleasure, and taken up by Galerie Roberto and Exchange Alley Coffee House, the Lifestyle Extension is an extension of all the things people have come to love about Molito. Fresh open space, quality establishments, a terrific fountain, and that same old chill happy vibe.
Stop by Parmigiano and try the Pasta Parmigiano—cream-based pasta flambéed in a parmesan cheese wheel. In itself, this is already a spectacle; the pasta is impeccable! (And, in our personal opinion, best paired with the strawberry panna cotta!) The staff is friendly and personable, so stepping into Parmigiano is like going to the house of a good friend (who happens to cook really well!).
Right next door is Alabang’s new Favorite, Miyazaki. Come early to get a seat each lunch and dinner—and on weekends, it’s advisable to eat a really early dinner—because it’s really that popular. The tempura and teppanyaki, the Emperor Soup and noodle selections, the sukiyaki and donburi, the soft and fresh sushi and sashimi—it’s enough to create an immediate fan of anybody.
The Playground is the favorite of Molito’s darling Wee Ones, who have found a corner to call their own. With floor-to-ceiling slides, seesaws, ball pits, and many more, the place is the perfect venue for young energy to let loose and young muscles to be exerted.
Puzzles is right next door—for the Wee Ones when they’re not so wee anymore. The café is stocked with some well-loved games like Jenga, Scrabble, and Monopoly—but also some really intriguing new ones from puzzle games to strategy games to word games to just good-ole-fun card games for groups. The café gets really loud with the squeals and giggles of the young and young-at-heart—definitely an energetic and vibrant café! Galerie Roberto meanwhile is quite the opposite—the white expanse and high ceilings is usually calm and undisturbed, with aficionados analyzing and appreciating the regular exhibits from painters and sculptors. Their exhibit nights are lovely, with free-flowing wine and live bossa nova—the best way to enjoy an exhibit, in our opinion! Aficionados wander around, discussing the art with the artists, meeting fellow aficionados, and all in all enjoying themselves.
Right next door to Galerie is the petite—and powerful!—Exchange Alley Coffee House. This British-inspired coffee nook is a staple in the Molito community for its friendly owners, who are knowledgeable of coffee to PhD level! Their third wave coffee is best paired with the (ridiculously sinful and incredibly delectable) mocha mousse cake (which is so good you’ll forget your name) and the rum balls (be careful, they’re alcoholic)! That said though—their menu is expansive and offers everything from breakfast to hearty meals to snacks.
Stay tuned for more tenants opening up at the Extension!


In addition to the Lanzhou style hand-pulled noodles and specialty cold appetizers to pair your noodle dish with, Chairman Wang also offers carefully selected dishes from all over China to give you the authenticity barely found. The Northern Style Lamb dumplings, Poached Fish Fillet with Assorted Mushrooms in spicy Szechuan broth and black pepper on iron plate are just some of the sumptuous dishes in the menu, meticulously conceptualized by Chinese and local master chefs.