Your Neighborhood Grocer

Welcome to a new concept in neighborhood groceries! At REAL FOOD, we source all our products personally to ensure that everything we offer is up to our standards. We combine the freshest and healthiest produce of a farmer' market with the convenience of a local grocery.

Organic chickens; free range chicken fillets; organic bananas, mixed root chips, granola, organic popcorn, Fresh Burata, Bufalino, Marrone Di Veneto Cheeses; Creamy Yogurt; Lola Naty's Aceite de Coco Virgen, Salsa de Soja, Salsa de Pescado, Vinagre Savia de Coco; Organic Brown, Black, White, and Red Rice; Organic Tomatoes and Kale; Mushroom Patties and Chickpea Nuggets.

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Store Hours : Monday to Sunday 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Contact No : 772 0131