Our Ramen is derived from ‘Ramen God” Kazuo Yamagishi. He is the little blue statue you see on our shelves. Yamagishi-san is now in his eighties and still manages to visit his Taishoken ramen shop in Tokyo from time to time. He is the most revered ramen personality in Japan today, as he was the inventor of the widely popular tsukemen or “dipping ramen”.

His successor is Koji Tashiro , who is fondly referred to as the “son of the ramen god”. Tashiro-san came to Ramen Yushoken in December 2012 to train the staffs and to ensure that the recipes are at par with his champion ramen houses in Japan.

Assigned to Yushoken is ramen champion Hideo Aoyama, who also happens to be the reigning Tamago champion of Japan. Aoyama-san is known to have a golden tongue,” as he has the unique ability to adapt to any of the 22 known styles of ramen in Japan. Aoyama-san regularly visits Yushoken.

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