Melt Grilled Cheesery melts not just on bread but, soup, fries, rice, pasta , cakes, and just about anything delicious you can imagine! Chef James Torres was inspired by his wife’s love for cheese; he gladly accepted the challenge and created what he thought would be the menu of dreams. She absolutely loved it. Pair your cheese with the perfect beer, wine, or soup, and we hope you surely love it all too.

The Grilled Cheese History
Recipe of melted cheese and bread had been found in ancient texts dating back to the Roman period, but it was not until the Roaring twenties” when the grilled cheese was famously mass produced in America when the nation’s total wealth more than doubled and a booming jazz, blues, and luxurious consumer culture was on the rise. It was in this elaborate background that sliced bread and American cheese became readily available and embraced readily available and embraced by a glamorous generation with taste and fervor.

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